Need Air Ducts Cleaned? Go with a NADCA Certified Professional

Need Air Ducts Cleaned? Go with a NADCA Certified Professional

People rely on their HVAC system to work no matter the temperature. When the air isn’t flowing right, it may be time to have Certified Duct Cleaning done by a professional. Unfortunately, not all providers are what they may present themselves to be. NADCA is a non-profit organization that has established standards and ethics for the industry. If a contractor isn’t, it may be worth doing more research.

Signs of a Scam

When procuring the services of any contractor, it is recommended to reach out to a minimum of three to get a better gauge on offerings, pricing and to be able to meet one-on-one. After making an appointment, the contractor should come to complete a thorough inspection and assessment, after which they will discuss options. Signs that the company may not be the right choice include:

  • Business is not a member of NADCA.
  • The company hasn’t been in business very long.
  • The contractor won’t provide proof of licensing and insurance.
  • Services don’t include inspecting and cleaning all components of the system.
  • The provider relies on low-price sales gimmicks.
  • Avoid advertisements for “$99 whole house specials” and other sales gimmicks.
  • A reference list is not provided.

Trusted, Certified Service

Knowing how important the air circulating in your property is, ensuring your trust in a Certified Duct Cleaning provider is essential. Established companies like Green Restoration are NADCA certified, as well are all their technicians. The right duct cleaning provider will be more than willing to provide references, encourage you to check them out with the BBB and present documentation of certification and insurance. Along with the upfront peace of mind, being certified means having the expertise and knowledge to handle every facet of the cleaning, along with ensuring the entire system is functioning properly.
While trying to find the right contractor may seem like a headache, knowing the signs and verifying the company provides Certified Duct Cleaning services makes narrowing the choices easier.


3 Ways to Help Air Ducts Stay Clean

3 Ways to Help Air Ducts Stay Clean

When the seasons change in Orange, CT, you want your property to be ready to circulate fresh warm or dry air. Like with any system, maintenance and upkeep are essential to ensuring that happens. Along with having them cleaned approximately every one to three years, which will depend on the number of people in the household and if there are pets, by a professional duct cleaning service, below are three tips to keep them staying clean longer.

Dust and Vacuum

Chores may be called that word for a reason but bumping up the frequency of dusting and vacuuming can be very beneficial to your HVAC system. Dust, debris, hair and other small particles can quickly build up, making your system work harder than it needs to. It is also worth considering upgrading your vacuum if it is more than eight years old.

Change Filters

Changing filters at least every three months is the best way to reduce airborne particles and minimize buildup in the ductwork. The type of filter used also makes a difference. It is best to go with what the manufacturer recommends. In general, every inch of the filter’s thickness provides one month of coverage. The thicker the filter, the less frequently you may have to change it.

Conduct a Check-up

In-between duct cleaning appointments, performing an inspection of the system is also important. To ensure the system is operating its best, consider the following:

  • Set the thermostat to save energy when not home.
  • Ensure electrical connections are tight.
  • Verify that any moving parts are properly lubricated to minimize friction and energy consumption.
  • Check the condensation pan for any excess moisture.
  • Test on-and-off controls to ensure systems are properly cycling.

Ensuring your property’s heating and cooling system works properly is essential all year long. Along with duct cleaning by a professional, such as Green Restoration, the above tips can help minimize airborne particles and keep your system lasting longer.


End-of-Year HVAC Tips

End-of-Year HVAC Tips

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a good time to think about the health of your heating and air conditioning system. In a state like Connecticut, where the temperatures can start to fall quickly, you need an efficiently working furnace to keep you and your family members nice and cozy for the winter. The last thing you want is for the system to sputter when you need it most. A system checkup and duct cleaning are two of the items you should put on your to-do list.

With proper maintenance and care, your HVAC system should last for 10 years and beyond. However, that lifespan will go down considerably if you neglect repairs and upkeep. One of the smartest things you can do is to call a certified heating and air professional for an inspection. A technician can do the following:

Tune up the system and correct any minor issues.
Identify failing or broken parts and replace them.
Discuss any system upgrades that would improve performance and efficiency.

Cleaning Air Ducts

If you’ve noticed that you’re getting poor airflow in your home or if the air coming out isn’t as cool or warm as it should be, the problem could be in the air ducts. Duct cleaning can make a big difference in how well air circulates throughout your home. A technician will thoroughly remove any dust, debris or other buildup, promoting even, consistent airflow. The professional can address all the ductwork in your home.

If you have an older home, chances are that your system is getting along in years too. There’s not a better time than the end of the year to make sure your heating and air conditioning system is in perfect working order. 

You deserve to feel comfortable at home this holiday season. Call Green Restoration to schedule today!