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Chimney Puff Back Cleaning in New Canaan, CT
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Chimney Puff Back Cleaning Services in New Canaan, CT


A chimney puff back can be a very scary thing to experience, as you are not sure what is happening. An incident like this happens when the fireplace or oil furnace pushes smoke back into the interior space, rather than exhausting the smoke outside through the flu.

Chimney puff backs are dangerous and can cause your indoor spaces to smell like smoke for an extended time. Green Restoration has the experience to cleaning up the worst damage as a result of chimney puff back in New Canaan, CT, along with repairing your chimney so it functions correctly.

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Why Chimney Puff Back Cleaning Matters

There are serious risks associated with a chimney puff back, aside from the smoke and soot the incident produces. If the chimney is not drafting smoke out properly, you could have a carbon monoxide buildup in your indoor space.

Chimney puff back incidents can happen because of creosote building up in the chimney, an inefficient venting system, poor home ventilation, or chimney obstruction. The best approach to handling back-puffing is to immediately call Green Restoration.

We send a team to your home or business for chimney puff back cleaning. They assess the damage, identify the cause of the incident, repair your chimney, and then clean up any damage caused by the puff back. You can trust our team to work thoroughly to ensure no remnant of the incident is left in your indoor space.

Thorough Chimney Puff Back Repairs

When you trust Green Restoration with chimney puff back cleaning in New Canaan, CT, you are putting your faith in the very best. We have decades of experience in identifying the causes of these pull back incidents, repairing chimneys, and cleaning up the soot damage and smoke odor after a chimney puff back event.

Green Restoration assists homeowners and business owners with emergency repairs by directly billing insurance companies. With our help, you can focus on restoring your home or business rather than spending time and effort on sorting out insurance details.

We continuously seek ways to aid your recovery with the least cost and disruption while also maintaining our environmental responsibility. Our sustainable practices have been built up over the years, ensuring a swift and eco-friendly restoration.

Do not take any risks with the health of your family or staff – report a chimney puff back incident to Green Restoration immediately for assistance.