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Commercial Damage Restoration Services IN Greens Farms, CT


Damage to a commercial building can be both financially and emotionally devastating. Not only do you have to shut down a business you love, but you are losing money each day you cannot serve customers or clients.

Green Restoration understands the aftermath of such events. Our commercial damage restoration Greens Farms, CT services are available to small and mid-sized businesses in the area, and we are also available to assist 24 hours a day for emergency restorations.

Trust our team to get your business back to its feet through our commercial damage restoration services.

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Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Three of the most common reasons why you may experience damage to your business are fire and smoke. When you have a significant fire, you could end up with entire parts of your business burned, which causes structural integrity issues and other problems.

Our commercial damage restoration Greens Farms, CT team can work hard to determine what parts of your structure and possessions are intact, while safely disposing of anything that is extensively damaged. If you experience a smoke incident, we safely remove all smoke odors and ensure any soot is cleaned from nearby objects and surfaces.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

The Green Restoration team also takes commercial water damage restoration very seriously. We work quickly to remove all standing water, ensure all machinery and objects are free of water, and also examine your floors, walls and ceiling to stop any buildup.

Trust us to clean up damage to your home, rebuild damaged foundations and structures, and protect your property from future damage using sustainable materials and eco-friendly building techniques.

The Best Restoration Contractors

If you experience any incident at your business that results in significant damage, you can trust Green Restoration to come to your aid. We have decades of experience assisting commercial clients with damage cleanup and restoration work.

Green Restoration assists homeowners and business owners with emergency repairs by directly billing insurance companies. With our help, you can focus on restoring your home or business rather than spending time and effort on sorting out insurance details.

Our rates are very affordable, we offer free quotes, and you can count on our commercial damage restoration Greens Farms, CT services to get your business back to its ideal state.