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Odor Removal Services in Stamford, CT


Detecting an unpleasant odor at your home or business is not an enjoyable experience for any property owner. Regardless of where the smell originated, you want it gone.

Ignoring such smells will not help, as they linger until you identify the root cause. Green Restoration has the experience and machinery to detect and then resolve any odor problems.

We are available for odor removal services in Stamford, CT at both residential and commercial locations, and our team offers free quotes for all work.

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Thorough Odor Removal

The Green Restoration team has professional training in odor detection and removal. We can effectively eliminate any unpleasant or surprising odors from your home, office, or commercial property.

We start by using specialized machinery and past experience to identify odors. Some smells are easy for our crew to identify, while others may require a few hours to pin down. When we understand the cause of the smell, finding the offending area becomes easier.

Some odors are the result of heavy cooking, some may be caused by a dead rodent that has ended up in a vent or enclosed space, some might be due to hidden mold – whatever the cause, we’ll find it.

The best way to eliminate these odors is to identify the cause, remove any offending materials, and then work to sanitize and deodorize damaged surfaces. Our services in Stamford, CT include dead animal’s odor removal, cigarette odor removal, musty odor removal, allergen removal and much more.

Improve Air Quality With Our Help

Trust the team at Green Restoration to completely remove unpleasant smells from your home or commercial property. We locate the source of the problem, remove all traces of substances that may have caused the smell, and then clean and deodorize areas that were impacted by the smell.

Green Restoration supports a sustainable future and our commitment to that future is evidenced in all the work we do. Not only do we get your home or business back to normal, but we do so using sustainable materials and methods.

At Green Restoration, we use the latest odor removal methods, and we offer free quotes for all our services in Stamford, CT.