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Sewage Cleanup in Milford, CT
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Sewage Cleanup Services in Milford, CT


Sewage spills are not only unpleasant to experience, but they are also a health hazard. When you experience a sewage spill, you must take quick action by getting in touch with the Milford, CT sewage contamination experts – Green Restoration.

Our team has years of experience handling sewage problems through our 24/7 emergency response sewage cleanup service. When you experience a sewage spill as a result of a toilet overflow or sewage pipe leak, you can trust our sewage contamination experts to resolve the issue in the coming hours.

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Sewage Cleanup Service in Milford, CT

Green Restoration offers an emergency sewage cleanup Milford, CT service to both commercial and residential clients. When water that contains sewage leaks on your property, we call it “black water damage.”

Such damage is the most severe form of water damage, which is why you need our help urgently. Call on our sewage contamination experts and we can have someone at your location with the hour. They will assess your area and then determine the best way to clean up the sewage spill.

Such spills pose health risks including hepatitis and salmonella, while a spill can leave a very unpleasant smell that makes the whole area feel borderline uninhabitable. But do not fear – Green Restoration can handle the sewage cleanup at your home or business.

Prompt Sewage Cleanup

We take rapid action to resolve any sewage spill. Our team comes to your location with the equipment needed to perform efficient sewage cleanup in Milford, CT service. Our team uses the relevant protective gear, cleans up the area, ensures nothing is damaged in the process, and then disinfects the space.

Green Restoration supports a sustainable future and our commitment to that future is evidenced in all the work we do. Not only do we get your home or business back to normal, but we do so using sustainable materials and methods.

You can trust that our sewage cleanup work will result in your property looking as good as it did before the incident. We not only clean and sanitize the site of a sewage spill, but we also perform post-sewage spill restoration work.